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World famous brands restored to perfection

There are few activities that offer the same sense of pleasure and freedom as riding. At some point, if you rent or own a horse, you will have to equip yourself and therefore buy a saddle. There are several major brands of restored saddles that you can find at reduced prices.

Used saddles at your fingertips

Discover all the most famous saddle brands in the world: CWD, Antares, Butet, Hermes and many others. They are restored to their original state. Today, they are made of synthetic leather and look like traditional saddles. They are available in a wide range of styles, English and Western. You can still get synthetic saddles in bright colors if you wish but not for the competition. It's up to you to choose the saddle that suits you and your pet. Whether you're looking for a pleasure / hiking saddle or a barrel racing saddle, choosing the right saddle for your specific needs will ensure your horse has no problems and that everything goes well during your activities.The quality of Equitack saddles is irreproachable because they are standard. You could choose between several colors according to your taste.

Which saddle to choose?

It should be noted that there are different types of saddle depending on whether you want to perform training courses, jumping, riding lessons or just for the pleasure of riding. Indeed, a rider who likes to walk the beaten track can very well do it in English saddle or saddle western. You have to know what you like to do: hiking, trail running, riding lessons. There are even endurance saddles, which are designed to bring you unparalleled comfort over a long distance. You will adapt the choice of your saddle to your desires.

So, thanks to the catering service, stools come back to life and radiate beauty for your horse. .Choosing the best horse saddle is a serious investment for you and your pet.


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