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Our large stock of various brands of luxury used saddles

You can't leave a horse without a saddle or it will go back to its wild state. There are several types of horse saddles available on the market today and under different brands.

The choice of the horse's saddle

Your saddle should not limit the movement of the horse's shoulder, i.e. it should not exert pressure on the shoulder blade.

Manufacturers' stools are considered the best?

Many say they can only afford the Belarusian saddle, but after all, for example, English saddles do not have to be made of leather and very expensive. There are synthetic saddles of a much more decent quality and at the price of Belarusians-the companies Norton or Wintec, for example. For some reason, it is not usual for us to use them. But they are very convenient for beginners who have not yet decided whether they are ready to devote their lives to the equestrian trade, children, horse breeding and rental, which is a pity for saddles worth two thousand dollars.

The leading brands

Wintec saddles are generally among the best in the economy class. There are stools without lenok, with a soft lenok, etc. The worst stools are considered the most elegant and beautiful, with thin, hard pillows. The leader among manufacturers of "bad quality saddles" has always been traditionally. Among the famous Wintec, Gidden, Zaldi saddles, the Bates saddles are beautiful, they are made with Wintec and therefore have, as a rule, interchangeable bows, as well as more expensive models - Kieffer, Passier, Barnsby, Amerigo, Amerigo, Hermes, Otto Schumacher, Windsor, Arthur Kottas, Prestige and, of course, the County. In general, companies that do not sell saddles in shops, but only manufacture them to order, individually according to the horse's standards, can be considered the best.

These companies have a very good reputation and, of course, their stools are more expensive, which is profitable because there is no need to pay a veterinarian.